January Birthstone Guide

January Birthstone Guide | Garnet

For all those January babies out there, here is a little insight into how fabulous your birthstone is.

Where does Garnet come from (for all those gemstone hunters out there!)

Garnet has been around and used since the Bronze Age as both decorative gemstones and abrasives. If you fancy finding yourself one of these fabulous stones, they can be found in the United States, India, China and Australia.

Fun fact: the name ‘Garnet’ originates from the medieval Latin granatus meaning ‘pomegranate’, as both are made up of beautiful red colourings.




Garnet by Auree | The Bali Birthstone Necklace

Garnet is most commonly known for it’s ability to conjure peace, prosperity and good health… just a few of the things we are toasting to in the New Year here at Auree HQ.



Garnet by Auree | The Bali Birthstone Bracelet

Not only is Garnet a beautiful rich red shade of stone that makes the perfect companion to any piece of jewellery, it is also packed full of powerful energies. The gemstone is known for it’s ability to protect you from evil during travel, nightmares, and wounds. And most importantly (we think…) it is believed to bring order to chaos, both internally and externally.

Garnet by Auree | The Barcelona Birthstone Necklace

Just incase you don’t yet think Garnet had enough fabulous qualities, we think this may change your mind. Garnet is nicknamed ‘The Stone of Health’ as the stone is thought to encourage strength and wellness, along with offering protection from any negative energy that may or may not be lurking… Lucky you is what we say!