Meet Monica Welburn

Meet the wonderful Monica. If you’re looking for all things interiors, wellbeing, style and skincare, @monicabeatrice is your lady. We had the pleasure of her company and all her top tips, from the perfect everyday dress to her go-to pair of Auree earrings

Meet Monica Welburn

What does a usual day look like for you when we aren’t in lockdown?

Though my days vary, there are some elements which are almost always the same. I start each day with a cup of something cosy, either tea or coffee, and watch TV while having my breakfast. This little slice of ‘me time’ is so important, and totally chills me out before everything gets going for the day. I then shower and get ready, and get on with whatever work I have on that day. I could be shooting for my blog or social media, creating content, writing . . . it changes depending on the projects I have on rotation. Throughout the day I’ll dip into my inbox and social media, but I make sure I do so in focused time slots, otherwise it’s a total rabbit hole . . . ! At some point in the day I’ll pop out for a coffee, go for a walk or do some exercise. It’s important to me to break up my work from home days, so that I stay energised and inspired. Most evenings my husband and I will cook a meal at home and catch up on our days together. Or rather he’ll cook, and I’ll ‘taste test’! If we’re not staying in we’ll get-together with friends or family who live nearby, or host – which we love to do. Most evenings we catch up on a favourite TV show, and then I’ll read before bed since it always helps me to nod off! Overall I try to go with the flow of each day. If I’m feeling inspired I’ll try to lean into my more creative/productive work, whereas if I’m feeling more quiet I’ll occupy myself with admin/simple tasks. Being able to decide what I do on any given day is one of my favourite things about working for myself!

How would you describe your style in three words?

Mediterranean-Inspired Elegance (I hope, ha!)

Meet Monica Welburn

What do you think makes someone’s style unique?

When people wear what they truly love, I think that makes them unique. For someone that could be a really pared-back monochrome look, and for someone else that might mean lots of colour and print! Whatever works for that individual person.


What are three essentials in your wardrobe?

Great jeans, a cross-body handbag with gold-tone hardware (I’m weirdly specific about hardware), and a go-everywhere dress that can be dressed up or down. I have about 10 more ‘essentials’ though, ha!


Meet Monica Welburn


What are your finishing touches to every outfit?

Jewellery, 100%! I wear jewellery even if I’m working from home and no one will see me, I only feel truly ‘dressed’ when I have some jewellery on.

Meet Monica Welburn


Who is your style icon?

I have lots! Loads of gorgeous girls I know through blogging and Instagram, like Stephanie from The Style Bungalow, Kate Spiers of Kate LaVie, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam . . . the list goes on! I’m constantly inspired by TV shows, other bloggers and women I see out and about.


What’s your favourite piece from Auree Jewellery and how would you style it?

I loooove the Deia Large Yellow Kiss Hoop earrings, I wear them almost every day. I style them with everything, from jeans and a T, to a dressy evening look . . . they’re SO versatile.


Deia Large Yellow Kiss Hoop earrings


What’s your go to accessory?

Hoop earrings, suede ankle boots and my Katie Loxton Lucia Saddle Bag in Taupe Grey.

Katie Loxton Lucia Saddle Bag in Taupe Grey


Favourite place to go on holiday?

Menorca. My family have an apartment on the island and we’ve been visiting for the past 15 years. My husband and I got married on the island last September, so now it’s even more precious to us.

My husband and I got married


Have you got any exciting travel dreams for when lockdown is over that you can tell us about?

Menorca, again! It truly feels like a second home to us. And at some point I’d love to take our honeymoon, we’re thinking maybe the US…!