Meet Jess Nsamm

Meet the fabulous Jess, one half of the @notsuchamodelmum duo. For all things fashion, beauty and mummy life related, head over to their Instagram. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Jess about just a few of the things that inspire her in life.

Jess Nsamm

What does a usual day look like for you?

There’s no such thing as a usual day for me, which is why I love my job… you never know what is going to happen.  It all depends on if I’m working or not. If I’m on a shoot, then I leave a comprehensive list of every child’s movement for my husband and wonderful au pair to follow, and I can drink my coffee in peace at the photo shoot. If I’m not working, then I’m normally up at 6:30am, getting the kids ready for school, getting myself showered and changed and making breakfast for the kids.  It’s chaos and carnage and there’s loads of noise, but now that my youngest has started school, the pressure has eased somewhat.  After school drop off, I like to go for a run with my dog, then it’s onto the laptop for work and admin, and calling Caroline to organise shoots/ blog posts etc.  Before I know it, it’s back to the school run and play dates and after school activities.  I swear my kids have a better social life than me!

Jess Nsamm

How would you describe your style in three words?

Simple, casual, High-low mix (five I know!)

Jess Nsamm

What do you think makes someone’s style unique?

For me it’s all about Confidence.  It doesn’t matter what someone is wearing or how they wear it.. if they wear it with confidence then that for me, is unique style.

What are three essentials in your wardrobe?

Pleather leggings, a grey jumper from Wyse and my trusty Balenciaga bag.

Pleather leggings, a grey jumper from Wyse

What are your finishing touches to every outfit?

I love adding pops of colour to my otherwise neutral wardrobe with colourful earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Jess Nsamm

Who is your style icon?

My style icon is my wonderful late mum, who was so effortless and timeless in how she dressed.

What’s your favourite piece from Auree Jewellery and how would you style it?

I love the Auree pieces that have a pop of colour and the Pollara Fuschia Pink Chalcedony Gold Vermeil Beaded Bracelet is one of my favourites.  I would keep my outfit super simple and let my bling do the talking.


Jess Nsamm


What’s your go to accessory?

I love jewellery… earrings and bracelets.  And a good handbag always completes an outfit.

Jess Nsamm

Favourite place to go on holiday?

Anywhere with good friends… and Ibiza is always a good idea.  We’ve been going there for over 20 years and it’s become part of our family tapestry.  We have found our little hidden away nooks and crannies on that island that we love revisiting.  We visit Caroline and her family a lot in Barcelona and that has also become a truly wonderful place to visit…. taking all the kids out on the electric bikes along the beach has become a NotSuchAModeMum family tradition.

Jess Nsamm with kids