November Birthstone Guide

Smokey Quartz is a beautifully rich coffee brown stone and is well known for its unique properties. Famously, Smokey Quartz is used as a healing stone, but that is not all. Smokey Quartz is believed to cleanse and clear away negative energy, whilst increasing practical thinking and the ability to complete tasks. This explains why it's sometimes called Dr Quartz. Sounds pretty dreamy to us. Lucky you if you're a Scorpio or a Sagittarius.


November Birthstone


Smokey Quartz | Did you know? 

Smokey Quartz is loved and adorned by many, particularly by the Scots. This smokey stone is the national gemstone of Scotland, where it is known as “Cairngorm''. Cairngorm is a variety of Smokey Quartz found in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. Smokey Quartz can also be found in Brazil and this is the source for most of the stones used in jewellery.


Smokey Quartz | Chocolate Brown


Smokey Quartz | Chocolate Brown 

Smokey Quartz's moody aesthetic is equally as powerful as the gemstones healing properties. This chocolate brown transparent gemstone is meant to relieve pains on the body if the stone is placed directly on the relevant area. We don't know about you, but to us that sounds like the ultimate accompaniment to every piece of jewellery like this 9ct Yellow Gold Bali Birthstone necklace. For extra protection, pair it with the Smokey Quartz bracelet. You can never have too much.


An Auree Favourite | Gold and Gemstones


An Auree Favourite | Gold and Gemstones

The soft and beautiful neutral nature of Smokey Quartz mean that is goes with just about everything and is the ultimate stone for an autumnal wardrobe. Recently launched, our best selling Barcelona Collection has just acquired two new members. You spoke, we listened. The collection now has matching earrings and bracelets and they are really rather special. These new additions make for the most perfect birthday gift for yourself or a VERY special someone.




Legend Has It | Keeping it Cool

For centuries, Smokey Quartz has been used for jewellery making, most famously by the ancient Egyptians and Romans. The Egyptians used to bury talismans (objects that are believed to have magic powers) made of Quartz with their dead and the Romans thought Quartz was fossilized ice. So much so that the Romans would wear Smokey Quartz particularly in the summer as they believed it would cool them down during the warmer months. Now that is cool (pardon the pun!)


Smokey Quartz gemstone


Do you have a Smokey Quartz Gemstone to set?

If you are lucky enough to have a Smokey Quartz gemstone lying around in your jewellery box, we are here to help. Our bespoke jewellery service offers any style or idea that you would like, all you have to do is drop us an email or give us a call. We love helping bring ideas to life, especially when such beautiful gemstones can be given a new lease of life.