Our Founder’s Favourites

Amelia, Founder of Auree, recommends her top Auree picks that she wears day in, day out. As someone lucky enough to have the full collection at her fingertips we’re curious to discover which are the pieces she never takes off. Always give something that you would like to receive yourself. These are just that.


Whilst I know I should be endorsing changing your earrings every day, life is sometimes too busy and I find I am usually in a pair of these hoops. The Manhattans (with new pearl drop additions) are my current Winter favourite – they simply work with everything. The Olivera Piccolos are old favourites and are always with me wherever I go – perfect with jeans or that go-to printed dress. And I just LOVE these new Deia hoops – my go-to party partners.



Given to me by Mr Auree, these are some of my most precious and favourite Auree pieces. I wear them every day and I know I will have them forever. Made in England by our wonderful workshops, these epitomise our ethos that Jewellery is meant to be worn, loved and enjoyed. The Bangle is particularly special to me as it is engraved inside with our Children’s names (and I hasten to admit, our dog’s name too).



The Garda is just the ultimate collection for layering. Tactile golden nuggets on a pretty trace chain, this is an all-time Auree favourite. I wear mine with the Gold Soho Star Necklace and the Bali Birthstone Necklace.



Everyone needs a bit of sparkle and whenever I wear these, everyone always thinks they are diamonds. The Irini bracelet looks really pretty alongside my Russian Wedding Bangle while the Chora is another great necklace for layering – in particular with the Soho Gold Star Necklace. New in this year, the Dovehouse Hoops are somehow discrete and eye catching at the same time. Their only problem is they don’t stay in stock very long.



We have done these clever little earrings since the beginning and they are still such a firm favourite. The brushed disc top and pretty gemstone drop is so flattering and they suit everyone. I love wearing them (and have them in about four colours) but also love giving them as a present.




Everyone is always asking what the most popular piece is. Well… this year it is actually not just a piece, but a gemstone. London Topaz is THE thing and it seems you all can’t quite get enough of it. A mesmerising deep inky blue that many would confuse with Sapphire (maybe that’s its secret?), it has certainly captured your attention. These are some of my favourite pieces that feature it.