Saving Africa’s Wild Elephants

When we first started on our journey with Auree, we wanted to make sure we built a company with a beating heart. That beating heart is in the brilliant team who work at Auree, our amazing network of workshops and craftsmen and the relationship we have with you – the women who wear our jewellery.

It’s also about helping support causes we deeply care about. Our bottom line isn’t just a spreadsheet. That’s why we are so excited about this charity collaboration with Kelly Eastwood and the launch of our Tembo Collection. We have the opportunity to make a real impact. And you can help us.

We need to act now to prevent a future without elephants.


Above: Elephants on Lewa, courtesy of Tusk and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

As you will have seen from the countless articles over the last few months, the number of elephants being poached has soared by 400% this year alone. 100 Rhino’s are killed every year. It is believed that 90 Elephants are killed every day across Africa. Tusks are sold to middlemen for around £34 or 5,000 Kenyan shillings. These middle men make much more. Corrupt officials allow the trades to go on.

Community engagement, government lobbying and even tighter border checks on ivory trading routes are needed. But these things take time, which elephants don’t have. It is believed that there are only around 352,000 elephants left in the wild based on a census completed a fortnight ago (far less than they previously thought). There may not be a wild African Elephant by 2040.

The sight of an elephant or indeed any great African animal in its own habit is an extraordinary sight.

We became parents last week. We want our son to be able to grow up and have the opportunity to see these animals for himself. Story books, Barbar, clothes, fables, Dumbo and paintings, elephants permeate a child’s life whether they have African connections or not. It is horrifying to think that Elephants may only remain in books, not on earth.

We can all do something about it.

Why For Rangers


Above: Ranger on Lewa, courtesy of Tusk and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Auree is about the here and now. It’s practical, it doesn’t do nonsense or frippery. Our jewellery is designed to get out there and do things. When Kelly and I first met, we both wanted to do something for charity. Something with impact. For Rangers does exactly that. A small team, all involved in conservancy on the ground. These are volunteers whose livelihoods are based on the protection of African wildlife and Elephants in particular. For Rangers raise and distribute money to Rangers in Africa to deal with the here and now of poaching protection. They don’t have large bureaucratic fundraising departments or budgets, they don’t have any budget in fact. All their money goes to on the ground protection of elephants. Practical help to strike where it really matters, whether it’s night vision goggles or mosquito nets. Or indeed communication equipment. Rangers are the final line between a poachers bullet and the extinction of wild African Elephants and we hope that through this Tembo collection designed with Kelly we can do our part, with your help – to stem the decline of these beautiful animals by contributing to their fundraising.

Kelly Eastwood and The Tembo Collection

Amelia-Bainbridge-Kelly-Eastwood (Image credit - Eva Salvi)

Above: Amelia and Kelly, courtesy of Eva K. Salvi

Kelly’s infectious enthusiasm for Africa where she grew up is all you need to know about why she is so passionate about this cause. We are both delighted and excited about this collaboration with The London Chatter. We have created The Tembo Collection with Kelly, inspired by Masai bead jewellery that can be worn every day. But more importantly, with the commitment from us that 100% of our profits from the sale of pieces in this collection go to the front line against Elephant poaching through For Rangers in conjunction with Tusk. We think that’s pretty unique when it comes to charity collaborations and are proud of that fact.

So buy yourself a bracelet. Get your mother one too and your best friend. And wear it with pride and the determination that if we all do our bit, we can stop the extinction of these beautiful animals.


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