Sloping Off Ski Guide

There’s one thing more irritating that walking to work with your dress tucked into your silk undies (not that it ever happens to an Auree girl like you). And that’s someone walking out of the office on a Thursday with their bag packed for a bit of off piste when you haven’t booked your Alpine getaway. 

We’re sure you’ve got it all sorted and you certainly don’t need our advice but you might need the excuse. So we’ve listed some places to get you started. Shooooooooooop Shoop.


Val d'isere

An old favourite. Tip top heights and conditions AND the lifts now have heated seats and wifi so you can send smug selfie’s back to the office.

Stay: Chalet La Bouclia For the traditionalists with its wood panelling and log fires. You can make the most of their taxi service especially after ALL that skiing and hard work lunching. Or just lunching to be honest.

Eat: Edelweiss Worth going for the fois grois burger. You’ll burn it off.  Located halfway down the Mangard piste (blue), it’s cosy and oozing more french charm than a Parisian Maitre’d. Booking essential but don’t expect it to be cheap.

Après-ski: La Folie Douce Ibiza with snow. DJs and live bands from mid-afternoon until the lifts close. Don’t forget you have to ski down. It’s not classy but it is darn fun.




Attractive, uncrowded, and exceptionally good value. Just like you.

Stay: Teleferic Grand Hotel Recently spruced and alpine. Have a large cocktail in the outdoor hot tub after a long day on the slopes.

Eat: Casa Hirscher Take a quick taxi down the mountain for live piano music, Italian food and delicious wine.

Après-ski: Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle) because WHEN else can you go to Dracula’s Castle? High on the hilltops and home to Count Dracula. Try the kürtös kolac, a walnut-sugar bread, from the market at the entrance.




Huge skiing area, with a mix of open and tree-lined runs, and challenging off-piste routes for you pros. For those who have overdone the vin chaud, you can rejuvenate in the famous thermal waters the next day. Quick transfers from Salzburg.

Stay: Hotel Salzburg Hof The only place to be. Nobody likes a long walk, whether it’s high heels or ski boots. For the latter, the Hof is right next to the lifts. The resturant’s worth a dabble too.

Eat: Bellevue Alm Wood panelling and legendary. Take the private chair lift up for dinner and relive Cool Runnings as you bobsleigh down. Just remember you do need to slow down….otherwise it’s rather an abrupt end to the night.

Après-ski: Felsentherme Spa Heaven on earth. And we are not kidding. Healing waters that soothe tired and aching muscles. Don’t be surprised to find the locals leaving little to the imagination.




It always has snow (except when Mrs Auree went). More lifts and runs than you can shake a marmot at.

Stay: Chalet Chouqui It’s impossible to get out of bed on the wrong side when staying here and that’s not because the bed is against the wall. What Ski Verbier’s owners don’t know about the slopes isn’t worth knowing. Sip champagne in the snow-surrounded hot tub and wonder why people stay anywhere else.

Eat: Chez Dany An institution. The finest fare with spectacular views over Verbier. You can also go for dinner and take a snowmobile taxi or toboggan home.

Après-ski: Hotel Farinet Expect ski’s piled up high outside, live music and a lot of jagermeister. Dancing on the bar absolutely compulsory.



Get over your “Thermals are for Grannies” – you need them. Try Colombia’s with Omni-Heat reflective lining – you will never want to take them off. Just do remember to before the next date night.

Spag Bol – not a great combination with a white polo neck.

Ski Instructors – looks are everything.

Glühwein – drink often but responsibly.

Start getting fit from the moment you book. Its essential for all that dancing you’ll be doing on the bar.

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