5 Wedding Rings that are Unique yet Timeless

When you’re on the search for the perfect wedding ring, you’ll find there are so many options to choose from. It can be overwhelming – especially because these rings are a piece of jewellery that you and your other half will wear forever. The wedding ring symbolises love, commitment and fidelity, so it’s important you pick the perfect wedding ring to capture the unique connection you and your partner share. 

To give you some inspiration, we’ve chosen 5 popular wedding ring styles that will help you narrow down your search and find your perfect style.


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How to start searching for the perfect wedding ring

Before you start jumping into the more elaborate details, you need to get your search off to the right start. Similar to finding a wedding dress and sending out the invitations, you need to start your wedding ring search early. The main reason for this is you’ll need to make sure they’re ready in time for the big day. We’d recommend setting appointments and trying on rings at least 3 months before your wedding date – earlier if you’re choosing something engraved or bespoke. This way there’s plenty of time to get the design perfect, the size right and fix the rings if any issues were to come up. 

In addition to starting early, make sure you book an appointment with a jeweller. It’s best to speak to an expert about what you want, and this can be in store or online. This appointment will help you narrow down the style you want and the fit and size of the rings. For a more in-depth guide, check out our post about ‘The Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Wedding Rings’.


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Top 5 wedding ring styles

Choosing a wedding ring style is the most exciting part of picking the ring. It’s also one of the final steps when it comes to choosing your ring, behind budget, shape and metal. From shaped rings to gemstone settings, below are the 5 most popular styles to help you find a ring you’ll cherish forever.

1. Full Eternity Ring

A full eternity ring is when perfectly matched gemstones and diamonds are set into the band of the ring. The gems encircle the whole way around the ring, boasting unrivalled sparkle and shine from all angles. The stones set within the band are most commonly diamonds but emeralds and sapphires are also a popular and beautiful choice. Full eternity wedding rings work well alongside diamond or gemstone rings, whether the gem is the centrepiece or also in a full eternity style. When picking a full eternity ring, try to match the gemstone with the metal colour, like white gold or platinum with diamonds. This creates a continuous colour and pattern which stands out beautifully. This style also fits nicely alongside a glamorous engagement ring or any other rings that you like to wear on an everyday basis.


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2. Half Eternity Ring

A half eternity ring is when gems or diamonds are set in and cover half of the wedding ring metal. This style is very similar to a full eternity ring but is slightly more subtle. This style adds a touch of sparkle to your finger and works beautifully alongside an extravagant engagement ring. The half stone style is one of the most versatile styles, as it allows you to play around with metal, shapes and colours. The half setting makes way for more colour on the ring and lets the colour and material of the band shine through. This style gives you an opportunity to mix and match gemstones and metals, like yellow gold with diamonds or emeralds or both running consecutively along the band.

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3. Shaped Ring

Another versatile style, a shaped ring is primarily designed to fit against the shape of your engagement ring. Many engagement rings are designed to sit comfortably next to a simple band, but you can also find rings that wrap or curve around the shape and features of your engagement ring. These shapes can range from gentle and subtle curves to more striking and angular lines. Popular shapes include twists, curves, asymmetric V, wishbone and tiaras. This ring style is a great choice if you want to wear your wedding ring alongside your engagement ring. Other than its beautiful, coordinated look, it also maximises comfort on the finger, prevents the metals scratching or rubbing together and helps avoid pinching and sliding on the finger.

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4. Plain Band

For many, the engagement ring is the star of the show, so a couple goes for a simpler wedding band to go alongside it. Plain wedding rings are a popular choice, especially with men as they’re all about the metal with little intricate design work. This style is simple yet timeless and offers a classic and sleek look that goes well with the rest of your jewellery collection. With a plain band style, you can opt for a polished or finely brushed finish which shows off the beauty and intricacies of the metal type.


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5. Matching Sets

Finally, matching or bridal sets are engagement and wedding rings that are specifically designed for each other. In a bridal set, the engagement ring is sold with a matching wedding ring for the person being proposed to. Typically, a bridal set doesn’t come with a third ring for the partner, but this gives your other half a chance to choose their wedding ring in a similar style or something completely different. In a wedding set, there are three rings involves – an engagement ring and the two wedding rings for the bride and groom. These sets will need to be designed with a jewellery designer to ensure the rings fit together perfectly and that they look stylish when worn together. This style is a great choice if you’re finding ring hunting a bit difficult, as it helps narrow down your choices!


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Image credits: goldsmiths.co.uk