Simple Gold Necklace Designs

Who doesn’t love a gold necklace?! Gold is the signature colour and metal for most jewellery items and a gold necklace is a stunning accessory for any occasion. Gold – especially in necklace form – is everywhere nowadays and has become increasingly popular, especially in the warmer months that we’re currently moving into. If you’re unsure what style of gold necklace to choose, take a look at some of our favourite simple gold necklace designs below.

Gold chains

Chain necklaces have fast become a key accessory in many collections and necklace layering combinations. A chain necklace takes you back to the basics of jewellery design, letting the manufacturing and material of the necklace take centre stage. Chains come in many different styles and lengths that add a beautiful texture, contrast, and structure to any outfit. Gold chains in particular offer a pop of colour to your wardrobe and fit in beautifully alongside other casual or extravagant necklace designs. 

A big hit with both men and women, gold chains look stunning on their own in a classic minimalist look or alongside other necklaces. If you’re starting out with a chain necklace, go for a short chain that sits tight to the neck. For a minimalist design, stick with tiny chain links that knit tightly together or for something chunkier, go for something with wider and thicker chain links.

Coloured gold

While we’re talking about gold, it’d be silly not to talk about coloured gold. Necklaces are so versatile and easy to wear that by injecting a simple colour change with different coloured gold completely transforms your look. Shake up your standard gold necklace design with some rose gold and white gold. Keep it simple with one colour – rose gold for a blush colour, white gold for a sexy shimmer – or combine all three colours together. The age-old myth that you should never mix metals is definitely false! Incorporating the subtle yet powerful colours of gold gives a necklace an extra pop of colour and shine, which you can see with the Westbourne Disc Trio Necklace.

Gold & Gemstones

Gold and gemstones go hand in hand and have done for centuries! Gold necklaces that feature a gemstone offer an abundance of colour, shine, and sparkle and with the many gemstones to choose from, you can create multiple variations unique to your taste. Some people think that the bright colour of gold clashes alongside vibrant gemstones – but they’re wrong! If you want something classic, go for the four main gemstones: diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. You need to find the perfect colour combination for you, or you can choose your own birthstone! A gemstone necklace is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re ever worried about what to get someone for their birthday, Christmas gift or an anniversary present, a gemstone or birthstone piece is the perfect choice. A simple gold and gemstone necklace is a meaningful piece of jewellery which can stand alone in a laidback look or can be jazzed up alongside multiple necklaces and gemstones.

Names & Letters Pendants

Pendant necklaces are adored by many jewellery lovers and a gold pendant necklace is no exception. If you’re unsure about what gold necklace design to go for, you can’t go wrong with a name or letter pendant. We love the simplicity of an isolated letter hanging from a gold chain, representing your own name or those of your loved ones. If you’re a fan of a chunkier pendant design, go for your full name!

Make it Summer-y!

As we make our way into the warm Spring/Summer months, we’re shedding our clothes – cheeky! – and starting to accessorise more abundantly and extravagantly. When we step into Summer, the jewellery trends tend to reflect the seasons, so we recommend choosing a gold necklace design that represents this time! What reminds us of Summer the most? The beach and seashells! Shell jewellery had a recent burst onto the scene a couple years ago and has become more and more popular over the years. The bold colour of gold alongside the flowing lines of a seashell creates a beautiful fluid necklace that’s perfect for any event.

Dive into our collection of gold necklaces and find the next dazzling piece for your neckline.