Find the Perfect Bracelet for Mum

Your mother is one of the most important women in your life. She gave birth to you, took care of you and made you who you are. So, for Mother’s Day, show your mum what she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you with a stunning bracelet. 2020 was a hard year for everyone and many of us were away from our families. This year, get your mum something meaningful that will remind her of you every day – even when you can’t be with her. Our top 5 bracelets each have their own meaning and personal touch that she’s bound to love.

Make it personal with the Westwick Disc Bracelet

Westwick Disc Bracelet

The best type of a gift is a personal one. It shows that you really thought about them when you were picking it out and reminds them of you when they look at it. Charm bracelets are popular but for that personal touch and one that your mum will love, pick the Westwick Disc Bracelet. The disc can be personalised on both sides and you can choose an initial or important date – maybe you and your siblings’ birth dates or your mum’s initial! The yellow gold bracelet is great for everyday wear and pairs well with any outfit. There’s also a matching necklace if you’re feeling especially generous!


Symbolise your love with the Kelso Bracelet

Kelso Bracelet Auree Jewellery

Although we love personalisation (who doesn’t), maybe your mum prefers the plainer style that still has a lot of meaning. The Kelso Bracelet offers just that. If your mum is more of a silver lover, this day bracelet gives a subtle sparkle with a delicate touch of yellow gold or rose gold vermeil. This simple and minimalist chain has a great message with its interlinking silver and gold rings. The two circles looped together symbolise love and friendship – a lovely nod to the relationship you have with your mum.


Rose gold magic with the Brompton Bangle

Rose Gold Brompton Bangle Auree Jewellery

This timeless Brompton Bangle is ideal for the stylish mum on the go. The thin band slips nicely on the wrist and can be easily stacked with other bracelets or worn as a standalone piece. We’ve already spoken about the beauty of gold, but what about rose gold? The blush pink colour is glamorous and symbolises love, elegance and composure – the definition of our mums, right? This bracelet can also be engraved on the inside with a personal message, making it much more special.


The gift of sleep with the Iseo Bracelet

Iseo Bracelet Auree Jewellery

We know what you’re thinking – how can a bracelet give the gift of sleep? By the power of gemstones, of course! While they make it look easy, there’s no doubt that being a mum is tiring! The Iseo Labradorite Bracelet is a beautiful combination of gold and sparkly gemstone, which boasts wonderful grey, yellow, blue and green colours. Labradorite has many healing properties. It balances the aura, calms the mind and aids peaceful sleep. This bracelet is ideal for the mum who’s always busy and looking after everyone – hopefully it will help her catch up on some much needed Zzz’s!


Dreamy moonstone with the Barcelona Bracelet

Dreamy moonstone with the Barcelona Bracelet

Another gemstone pick, the Barcelona Moonstone Bracelet is classic, subtle and sits beautifully on the wrist. The bracelet is exquisitely balanced and powerful, with its combination of warm gold and white, grey, pink and purple hues from the gemstone. Moonstone is another perfect pairing for strong, passionate and hardworking mothers. The gemstone boosts empathy, tranquillity and reenergises its wearer. It’s also a protective gem, which fits well with any ‘mamma bear’. The gemstone can also be engraved for that personal flair.

Auree Jewellery’s collection of day bracelets and evening bangles will look at home in any woman’s jewellery box. From sleek silver bangles to rose gold vermeil and bright gemstone delights, pick a bracelet that will bring a smile to your mums’ face this Mother’s Day.