Why You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring

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Why You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring

Finding the perfect wedding ring takes time, planning and careful consideration. It’s a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime and that you’ll want to wear forever. So why is it that some couples don’t wear theirs?

You spend ages picking out the perfect ring and then you don’t wear it?! This is not only a waste of your time and money, but it almost erases the love you have with your partner and the memory of your special day. Here’s our top 3 reasons for why you should always wear your wedding ring.

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A Symbol of Commitment

Wedding rings symbolise many things – love, affection, fidelity, attachment and respect to name a few. But predominantly, wedding rings are a symbol of commitment to your significant other. For centuries, rings have been given and received as tokens of commitment to the relationship and the marriage.

Having your wedding ring on all the time shows you, your partner, and the rest of the world that you’re in a committed relationship. Looking down at your ring every day is a reminder of your love for one another, your wedding day and memories with your other half.

All wedding rings symbolise this commitment, but Walton Russian Wedding Rings are the perfect example of this. They have three overlapping bands of yellow, white, and rose gold that signify fidelity, friendship and love respectively.


Gold Ring Auree Jewellery

Keeping with Tradition

Weddings are steeped in tradition – especially the rings. More often now than before, couples are choosing not to wear rings but instead are symbolising their love with more modern methods. Some couples wear other kinds of jewellery to represent their love and others make it even more permanent with matching tattoos.

While it’s exciting to make new and personalised memories, wedding rings are still a long-standing wedding tradition. Wedding rings date back to over 6,000 years ago and some are passed down through generations. While engagement rings are the most typical jewels to be handed down, this can be the same for wedding rings. This connects you to your other half and also to your family.

And if rings really aren’t your thing or you use your hands a lot and want another way to keep your ring close to you – why not slip it on a chain and wear it around your neck? That way, you’re still wearing it everyday and it’s even closer to your heart.

Stop it from Fading

Did you know if you don’t wear your jewellery that it can fade? Wearing jewellery all the time can make it fade and tarnish. But leaving it lying around and not wearing it at all can also dull the metal and sparkle just as much. Wouldn’t you rather wear and show off your ring than keep it trapped away in your jewellery box?

Wearing your wedding ring is a beautiful reminder of your love for your husband or wife. Stop your ring and your love from fading by putting it in its rightful place – on your ring finger. Just remember to clean it regularly to keep it sparkling!

Your wedding ring should be an extension of yourself. It travels with you through your marriage, the good times and the bad. But your ring is always there, reminding you of the feelings you have for your special someone. Need help finding your dream wedding ring? Take a look at our beautiful collection of contemporary and classic rings, perfect for your wedding.

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