Gift Ideas for Her 2023 – Unique Gift Ideas For women

We have rounded up the best unique Gift Ideas for Women.

We know how difficult it to find the perfect gift, so we have created the ultimate gift ideas for you to make it easier this year. From gift sets to unique gift ideas that she will have always wanted.

These are our Top 5 Gift Ideas For Women 2020

  • Essential Oils
  • Jewellery
  • Hair Accessories
  • Bags
  • Bracelets

Essential Oils

This is something that everyone will love. Our favourite place to find these is Jo Malone who use natural essential oils, who have an experience and knowledge unlike any other. We love their Lime, Basil and Mandarin Essential Oil Room Diffuser. The scent is wonderful. There is a large variety of different essential oil scents to choose from and Jo Malone thankfully offer gift sets which is a great gift idea when you don’t know which one to choose as it allows you to have a choice of different essential oils in the wonderful array of scents that they have on offer. Essential Oils are believed to have many healing and relaxation benefits making them the perfect gift idea. It is important to choose them from a company you trust and who do the blend using natural essential oils.



You cannot go wrong with jewellery and if you are looking for jewellery inspiration, it is always good to look for everyday jewellery. Auree Jewellery is specifically designed for everyday wear. Unique Jewellery that will travel through life with you and which is not for leaving at home. You can choose from classic earrings, necklaces or even better, a gift set of matching earrings, bracelet and necklace. Everything comes wonderfully gift wrapped which saves you the time of doing this. Beautiful everyday jewellery needs to be a classic design that will go with everything and is durable for every day wear. These silver knot earrings are just that. Classic design and made for everyday wear.

Other jewellery gift ideas that are always really popular are Silver hoop earrings and Gold Hoop Earrings. We love the Olivera and Deia hoops. If you would like an everyday jewellery gift set, the Kelso Gift set is perfect for that. They look beautiful on and are always admired. A simple design but eye catching too. The Kelso is available in Silver or Gold Vermeil and is made up of Earrings, a Bracelet and a Necklace, a great gift idea for women. It will suit all tastes and is beautifully made by the workshop in a polished finish.


Hair Accessories

It is easy to feel spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing pretty hair ties and hair accessories. One of our favourite places to find the best hair ties and pretty hair accessories is Accessorize.

They offer a variety of colourful hair accessories and beautifully made hair ties and hairbands too. If you can’t decide which one to choose, then the best present is a gift sit where you choose a selection of hair accessories. Available in a multitude of beautiful colours and patterns, this is the ideal choice if you are looking for a unique gift for women.



Women can never have too many bags. When choosing a bag for women, you need to consider the size of bag, length of straps or handles, the material and in particular, what you will use the bag for? If you are hoping to have a bag which will be for the everyday, you want something that is really good quality as this is really important.

Aurora London make fabulous leather bags which are the perfect gift for women. You can choose for a variety of colours and styles too and you can have each bag personalised too. The quality is excellent. We love the Gigi Bag which comes in a variety of colours and is a cross-body bag with a matching tassel. They also do a wonderful selection of Leather Tote Bags and Leather Shoulder Bags which are perfect gift ideas if you are looking for an everyday bag.



When you are looking for the perfect everyday bracelet, it is important to consider all the varying jewellery options available. With bracelets, you need to firstly decide whether you want to have a bangle or a bracelet and then what metal – Silver, Gold Vermeil, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold bracelts. All metals are very durable for bracelets but a determining factor is usually what the design is and naturally, if it has a fine chain, it will not be as durable as a bangle for example. Our favourite everyday bracelet is The Kelso Silver Bracelet. This is a unique design which is also classic and easy for everyday wear. There is a matching necklace and earrings which would make a lovely gift set.

We really like gemstone bracelets which are always good for everyday wear. The Brooklyn Bracelets are affordable gemstone bracelets and great quality. The gemstones are bright colours making these such unique bracelets. They are colourful and stylish and can be worn in any season during the year. They are also a great gift for everyday wear.

There is so much to choose from and when you are looking for everyday gift ideas, it is sometimes overwhelming to make a decision from all the different options available. It is for this reason that you could create your own gift set with a selection of beautiful jewellery (we would advise an everyday style bracelet), an essential oil diffuser, a bag in a pretty coloured leather and a selection of hair accessories: hair bands, hair ties and hair ribbons. Together this would make a truly unique gift which all women would love.

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