How And Why It's Important To Recycle Your Jewellery?

If you feel saddened at the thought of throwing away your old and worn out jewellery pieces, you need to hear about recycling jewellery and its multiple benefits. There are so many reasons one would need their unused jewellery recycled. Your wedding jewellery, for example, although it holds sentimental value, is not something you can wear very often. You can choose to repair, restore, repurpose and reuse it to obtain beautiful pieces of jewellery from your old ones at hardly any cost. Although recycling jewellery is a tiny bit more complicated than recycling any normal household item, it is definitely worth it in the long run. Read on to understand how you can recycle and reuse your old and discarded jewellery and why you can truly benefit from it!

How To Recycle Old Jewellery?

There are different ways to recycle old jewellery, and depending on the precious metals it is made up of, its sentimental and financial value, you can choose to recycle it and break it down completely or just reuse it in different forms so it keeps its original charm intact.

Recycling Jewellery With Precious Metals

If you are willing to recycle jewellery that is made up of precious metals with high market value like gold, silver, and platinum, there are some things you need to know about this process. To recycle them, they can be melted down and used to create a new piece of jewellery, something more fashionable and your style. 

Silver and solid gold jewellery have relatively lower melting temperatures than platinum, which makes them easier to melt down and reuse. However, recycling jewellery with precious metals is not done for an economical purpose, because it hardly amounts to much profit once you factor in the total cost. It takes almost the same amount of money to melt and use the precious metals as it does to make jewellery with new metals. You can, however, read the next section to understand how to reuse gemstone jewellery effectively.

Recycling Gemstone Jewellery

It is always easier to extract gemstones from your old jewellery pieces and put them onto newer ones. You first need to find the value of your stones, which will help you with your decision of whether to recycle the jewellery. Recycling jewellery with gemstones, like gemstone earrings or necklaces, is often more economical and uncomplicated. If you have an heirloom or an old piece of jewellery with gemstones that hold sentimental value, it is always better to get it recycled into a newer piece that suits your taste and keeps the parts important to you. 

Recycling Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery is one that holds little to no financial value in terms of precious metals or gemstones but it can still be of high sentimental value. If you wish, it can be reused and worn again in the prettiest of ways. Some common ways you can recycle your old fashion jewellery is by giving it to little children who enjoy playing dress-up, or local thrift stores that sell jewellery of all qualities, and can take these items off your hands while putting them to use. Old necklaces can be cut apart and strung into new combinations, the dangly parts of fancy earrings can be attached to necklaces and old brooches can be stitched onto purses! There are so many ways old jewellery can be recycled into not only new pieces but also into different items. 

Why Should You Recycle Jewellery?

There are several reasons you may opt to recycle your jewellery, but we have some strong reasons if you are still undecided. Reusing your old jewellery not only prevents it from being left forgotten in a cupboard somewhere but also enables you to recreate it into something new and close to your heart. It may be a regular pendant your loved one gave you back in college or an heirloom with precious stones, you can’t put a price tag on the sentiments behind a piece of jewellery. To be able to renew it to your style so you can use it again gives you the satisfaction of doing something for the environment as well as saving money on buying new jewellery! Here are some reasons you should consider recycling old jewellery.

1. Modernize Old Jewellery Pieces

When you open your jewellery box to pick a piece of jewellery to wear, you are bound to have a few old pieces that are just outdated, overused or don’t match any of your outfits. You can contact any jewellery designer and find a creative way to give a modern touch to that dated piece of jewellery. This will prevent those old and worn out pieces from being neglected forever. 

2. Think Green

It is safe to say that saving the environment is one of the biggest concerns we have as a society. You can do your part and take a small step in halting environmental degradation by choosing not to throw away reusable items, such as old jewellery. This will reduce emissions and if everyone chooses to practice this, it will truly create a global impact. So you get the joy of saving the environment as well as getting an old piece of jewellery off your hands.

3. Save Money

As a jewellery lover, you might know that buying a new piece of jewellery for your wardrobe can be quite expensive. You can recycle to save some bucks and utilize something you already have, especially when you have old jewellery with precious stones or gemstones that have high financial value. You can also find some damaged pieces of jewellery you no longer wear and get them repaired or recreated.

In contrast to the past when recycling materials used to be snobbish, nowadays repurposing old material is in vogue and a booming business thanks to increasing awareness of sustainability issues. So recycle your jewellery to reduce waste and to create something beautiful out of what is discarded.