How to wear your silver jewellery

Sterling Silver is one of the most popular jewellery materials on the market and is the most versatile colours and materials anyone can wear. It can be the star of the show with big chunky statement pieces or be understated with delicate fine chains to match whatever look you want. If you’re already obsessed with Silver, or about to consider buying your first piece, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to style your silver jewellery, including what colours and textures to pair it with and some of our favourite Silver picks.

Pair Silver with complimentary colours

Silver has a subtle yet powerful colour and works well with bold or simple colours, depending on what look you’re going for. If you prefer an easy laidback vibe, you can wear Silver on its own and make it the centre of attention. However, Silver looks its best and makes other gemstones and colours look their best when they’re paired together. Below are our top three colour combinations that look amazing with Silver.

Cool colours

As Silver is a cool colour itself, pair it with other complementary cool colours. Blue, green, and even clear Gemstones look incredible with Silver as these hues match in tone and really sparkle together.

Starting with blues, choose gemstones like Amazonite, Blue Topaz, and Chalcedony. These gemstones are understated but have powerful hues and tones. Amazonite is a subtle and more toned-down version of Turquoise. It’s matte rather than sparkly but it has a great texture to it, so you can see all the curves and shapes within the gemstone. In comparison, Blue Topaz is super sparkly and when it’s with Silver, they shine in all angles. Chalcedony comes in lots of different colours, but the blue version is light and looks like the ocean.

Green gemstones that look great with Silver are Chrysoprase, Green Amethyst and Green Chalcedony. These greens are richer and can either look extremely light or dark, depending on what shade you like. Clear gemstones like Quartz, Crystal and Diamonds are perfect for people who want a subtle colour contrast but an extremely sparkly duo.

Neutral colours

Silver is often regarded as a neutral colour, so it goes well with the neutral spectrum, like black, white, cream, and grey. Find these colours in gemstones like Moonstone or Pearls. On the other hand, pair Silver with monochromatic outfits, like all black or all white so your Silver jewellery becomes the main attraction.

Bold colours

As Silver is more neutral than Gold, Silver looks great with bolder colours, like pinks, reds, oranges, purples, and yellows. Think fire and ice combined! Gemstones with these colours include Ruby, Citrine, Fire Opal, Amethyst, and Pink Chalcedony. 

Bold colours can really help enhance your Silver jewellery rather than cause distractions. If you wear bold clothes like a bright red jumper, pair this with silver jewellery to make both pop. If you want something a little less bold but you like the colours we’ve listed above, choose them in pastel tones. This makes the bold colours more muted and softer but brings out the metallic quality and shine of the Silver.

Mix and match Silver with Gold

We’ve all heard the myth that you shouldn’t mix your metals but that’s just what it is… a myth! Throw caution to the wind and mix your stunning Silver jewellery with your equally beautiful Gold pieces. Contrary to popular belief, Gold and Silver are best friends and they look amazing with each other. As Silver is more of a neutral colour, it looks nice with warm tones of Yellow Gold or romantic hues of Rose Gold. Mixing and layering is extremely popular and has been for years. The best way to start mixing and matching your Silvers with Golds is with necklace or bracelet chains. Chains are versatile and look great on their own or with extra decorations. Their unique shape and links take the spotlight and look incredible in both Silver and Gold so it’s the perfect opportunity to mix and match them together.

Play with textures and shapes

Silver looks good with smooth or rough textures, simple or dramatic shapes. Starting with textures, Silver is typically cool and smooth which is why Silver makes great rings and hoops. If you’re not a colour fan, texture is a good way to bring more attention to your jewellery and to add more dimension to your look. As we said above, Silver is smoother because of the way it’s melted into shape. However, you can also find silver that’s got a rough oxidised look or is hammered in a certain way, so the jewellery looks less classical. Shape is also a good thing to explore. Silver looks best in circles and ovals due to its typical smooth texture but if you choose a piece more textured, like hammered or oxidised Silver, play with different shapes like squares and triangles.


When in doubt, wear silver with diamonds

Finally, if you have no clue what to wear silver with, make the Silver really pop with Diamonds. Silver and Diamonds are best friends and equally as sparkly, so they complement each other well. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that fits a reasonable budget, a Silver and Diamond ring will look stunning and won’t break the bank!

Now you know how to wear your silver jewellery! Shop our silver collection today and start experimenting with these fun ways to style silver.