Why earrings make the perfect gift for women

If you’re a bad gift-giver or have no clue what to get the special lady in your life, earrings are the perfect gift for women.

Getting their ears pierced is a big part of growing up for most young women, which makes earrings a fun accessory to have fun with and continually change as a woman’s age and style change. There are so many choices and options to choose from, so if you’re unsure of what to get the women in your life, go for a quality pair of earrings.

Below is our guide to why earrings are the perfect gift for women, plus a few of our favourite earrings that would make perfect presents.

Different earring types

Before we jump into why earrings are the best gift for women, let’s explore the different types of earrings. The main three earring types are studs, hoops and drops. Studs are typically the earrings you first start off with when you get your ears pierced, so if you’re looking for a gift for a new earring wearer, a classic pair of studs is the perfect choice. Studs sit on the lobe or different parts of the ear without hanging down. They’re more simple types of earrings but they can still be very colourful and eye-catching.

Hoops are one of the most popular earring types that drop down from the lobe and curl into a hoop shape. They can either be small and thin or big and chunky, depending on your style. Hoops can be worn on their own or you can get detachable charms that you can attach to your hoops. The third type of earrings are drops. Drop earrings drop down from the ear and can hang down to the jaw line or further down the neck and even graze your collarbones. Drops are typically teardrop shapes but the more exciting or OTT type of drops are chandelier earrings which are extremely embellished and dramatic.

Why earrings are the best gift for women

So many designs to choose from!

With the vast selection of designs to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless! The best way to buy someone earrings as a gift is to look at what earrings they already wear and go from there. Do they favour hoops? Pick them a different size, metal, or colour to add to their collection. Are they a fan of a specific colour? If they like to wear all the same colour, pick a new and exciting pair of earrings that will fit into that colour palette. Do they prefer everyday earrings, or do they save them for the evening? If they wear earrings daily to work or social events, a classic pair of earrings like studs, hoops or pearls are great options. If they prefer to save their earrings for special occasions, wow them with a pair of oversized earrings with lots of sparkles and colour. If you’re still unsure, find out what designer they like to buy from and get them a new pair from there. You can really play with earrings, whether you wear them or you’re buying them for someone else.

Earrings let her show off her personality

Whether she’s a regular earring wearer or keeps them for best, earrings are typically the one piece of jewellery that a woman always has on. The office can be quite difficult to dress for, especially when it comes to jewellery. Some necklaces can be too showy. Bracelets and bangles can make too much noise as you t ype or give presentations. Rings can get scratched, damaged or dirty, especially if you work with your hands like a gardener or cleaner. With earrings, you can wear them all the time and even if you have to choose jewellery to suit the workplace, the earrings are where women or men can really show off their personality. It could be a signature colour or birthstone, meaningful initials, or funny icons that make earrings truly unique to a person which is what makes them so special.

Perfect for any age, skin tone or face shape

No matter who you’re buying for, earrings are perfect for any age, skin tone and face shape. Starting with age, as long as she has her ears pierced, you can buy her earrings for years to come and she’ll appreciate the thought and effort behind it. We all come in different sizes and colours which is what makes earrings such a versatile and easy gift to choose for someone. Every person’s skin tone is different and might suit specific colours or styles, but earrings are universal and go well with all complexions. Face shape can be a little tricky when it comes to buying earrings but round, square, diamond, oval and heart shaped faces can all be matched nicely to best compliment the face and the earrings. For more on how to pick earrings that best suit your face shape, read our guide here.

Easy to personalise

Earrings are easy to personalise, whether you’re choosing a specific design that they like the most or making it more personal to the wearer. For gifts, customisation or personalisation are always big hits and makes the present more meaningful. It also really shows how much you care about the person and how much you really thought about the gift. For something simple, you can choose their birthstone or favourite colour. For something more sentimental, you can get earrings engraved with dates and you can pick charms that fit their personality, like their initials.

Ideal for any occasion

Finally, earrings are ideal for any occasion. Earrings can be worn all the time and at many different events so they’re perfect as a gift. Earrings are also great for any gifting occasion, like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or any other holiday that you celebrate. If she really loves her earrings, you can keep adding to her collection year after year on all these holidays until she has a beautiful selection of earrings to choose from every day.

Looking for the perfect gift for women? Shop our dazzling collection of earrings and find her the perfect pair to add to her jewellery box.