How to wear your silver jewellery

Silver is one of the most popular jewellery metals and is the signature entry-level material that people use to get into jewellery. Styling silver jewellery is extremely easy, due to its subtle yet powerful colour. It can be the star of the show or sit in the back to bring out more extravagant designs. If you’re a jewellery newbie or consider yourself an expert, it’s always handy to find different ways to style your favourite silver pieces. Below are our top 5 ways to wear silver jewellery, including colours, shapes, and personalisation.

The Warm Look: mix with gold

As silver is quite a cold colour, it can benefit from being brightened up a bit with a metal like gold. There used to be a myth that you shouldn’t mix metals but combining the cool tones of silver and the warm hue of gold creates a beautiful contrast that compliments each other perfectly. As silver is more neutral, it brings out the warmth of yellow gold and the blush of rose gold. An easy way to combine these metals together and to achieve the ‘Warm Look’ is through layering. Pick your favourite gold and silver necklaces and wear them together to really let the two materials and designs shine. Bracelets and earrings are also great ways to start mixing colours and layering as they’re versatile and let you experiment more with new styles. 

The Cool Look: pair with gemstones

Silver has an almost neutral colour due to its cool grey-ish tones. The beauty of silver and its versatility is that it works amazingly with both bold and toned-down colours. Brighter tones like gemstones are also a great way to bring out the colour and sparkle of silver. Cool, neutral, and bold gemstones all go well with silver and helps you mix up your look from simple and laidback for the office, to showier and the main focal piece for a night out. To achieve the ‘Cool Look’, pair with complimentary and similar colours, like blues, greens, yellows and clears. These hues balance each other perfectly and makes the colours shimmer better next to brightly coloured clothing. Blue, green, and yellow gemstones like amazonite, blue topaz, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine, crystal, chrysoprase and green amethyst all look beautiful and sparkly next to silver and adds a pop of colour into any look. To take the icy cool look to the next level, pair silver with clear gemstones, like crystal, diamonds, and clear quartz. These combinations bring out the gemstones’ unique textures and gives off an ice queen vibe.

The Bold Look: rock striking chains

Silver is the perfect metal for differing and over-the-top shapes and textures. The cool colour makes silver look quite edgy and striking, and the best accessory to go with this theme are chains. Chains are one of the most popular jewellery styles and can be styled to look dramatic or subtle, depending on the look you’re going for. For silver, think more oversized the better and pick chunky chains that have large links, like trace, oval and belcher. Big chains are perfect for people who love statement pieces that draw the eye and take up a lot of space. This oversized chain style can be achieved by necklaces and bracelets, so say goodbye to the dainty and embrace the ‘Bold Look’.

The Subtle Look: go for simple shapes

Silver can really complete and accomplish any look or style you want. While we’ve just spoken about the bold look, we’re shifting to the simpler and going for the ‘Subtle Look’. Rather than going for the OTT symbols and colours, tune it down and go for smooth textures and simple shapes. Silver looks best in simple shapes like circles, squares, and rectangles. Discs and bars are the best way to show off silver in jewellery, and there are lots of pendants in these shapes that you can attach to your necklace, bracelet and even your earrings.  Similar to the simple bar shape, silver rings are best shown off in a chunky style from 4mm up to 8mm. If you’re looking for a ring that’s all about the metal, silver rings with a bigger width are a way to do this and make great stacking pieces next to bolder designs.

The Personal Look: get it personalised

For something truly special for you, your friends or family, personalise your silver pieces with beautiful engraving. If you’re looking for a gift, personalisation is a meaningful and thoughtful way to show the person you’re giving it to how much they mean to you. As silver can be a subtle material, it looks great with engraving especially in cursive fonts. Cursive is best used for long messages, like on the inside of a ring or a locket, so choose silver for big occasion gifts like anniversaries and weddings.

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