Why birthstone bracelets make the perfect present

Looking for a gift for your friend, family member or other half? Whoever you’re buying for, you can’t go wrong with a luxurious and meaningful piece of jewellery. If you’re ever unsure what to get someone, a great gift option has to be a birthstone. Birthstones are beautiful, meaningful, and unique to each person. Birthstone bracelets are particular favourites of ours and make the perfect present - here’s why.

What are the 12 birthstones?

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a persons’ birth month or star sign. There are 12 traditional birthstones that represent each month of the year but there are also modern birthstones and other types of birthstones that represent the 12 zodiac signs. The traditional birthstones are: January: Garnet / February: Amethyst / March: Aquamarine / April: Diamond / May: Emerald / June: Pearl / July: Ruby / August: Peridot / September: Sapphire / October: Opal / November: Citrine / December: Turquoise.

With more modern birthstones coming to the forefront and being offered by different jewellery brands and designers, some months have 2-3 birthstone options. January and February are unique as they just have their traditional birthstone and no other option unless you try to find your zodiac birthstone. The modern birthstones starting from March include: March: Blue Topaz & Bloodstone / April: Crystal / May: Chrysoprase / June: Moonstone & Alexandrite / July: Carnelian / August: Green amethyst & Spinel / September: Lapis Lazuli / October: Rose quartz & Tourmaline / November: Smokey quartz & Topaz / December: Tanzanite & Zircon.

Each birthstone has its own unique colour, origin and meaning that connects deeply to those born in that month. They offer deep spiritual connections to their wearers and powerful properties, like healing, protection, and strength. This is what makes birthstones such a special and meaningful present and they can be given in different forms, like bracelets.

Why you should give a birthstone bracelet as a present

While we’ve spoken about the meanings of birthstones, bracelets also have their own symbolism as well as being a fabulous accessory. With necklaces and earrings really taking over the jewellery world, bracelets can sometimes be left behind but they’re extremely meaningful beautiful pieces that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, bracelets were often worn for protection in battle and were also a big part of marriage ceremonies before rings. They outwardly presented a persons’ marital status and were worn to guard against evil spirits and other negative energies. As they started to become more of a fashion accessory as the year’s went by, many different types of bracelets emerged like beaded, charm, tennis, and friendship bracelets.

Friendship bracelets are one of the most given and special bracelets as you give them to your best friend to secure your relationship and bond. This is what makes bracelets so special as you’re showing the person how much they mean to you. By picking a birthstone bracelet, you’re connecting them to their birth month and offering them all the powers and properties that comes with the specific birthstone. This is also why giving gemstones as a gift is so popular as if you find a specific power that you think a friend or partner could benefit from, you’re adding some relief or strength to their lives.

If you’re picking a birthstone bracelet for a friend or loved one, start by finding their birthstone and choosing a unique bracelet that features is. Let the birthstone shine by picking a simple bracelet chain in their preferred metal, like gold, silver or rose gold. If they’re especially into their birthstone and bracelets, you can create them a birthstone bracelet stack that you can continue to add to for years to come. This is a great gift idea for both birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, and with so many jewellery brands selling birthstones, you have unlimited options to choose from.

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