Our commitment to Do Better Together

In our continued journey to become a more sustainable brand we want you to be able to turn to us. Make the conscious decision of what to do with your once cherished but now unwearable jewellery by recycling it with Auree.
Recycle your old, unworn or broken Silver, Gold or Platinum jewellery and we will exchange it for an Auree Gift Voucher for the amount your items achieves when melted down to be used again. You can then treat yourself to a piece of Auree Jewellery you will treasure for a lifetime. 
Recycling precious metals helps limit waste, keeps materials in use for longer and means we can all work together to create a more sustainable shopping experience.


  1. Email us at contact@aureejewellery.com and let us know what pieces you would like to recycle, and we will tell you where to send them.
  2. Pop your items in the post to us. You will need to cover the cost of postage, and best to make sure you keep a record of your tracking number for insurance purposes.
  3. We will then photograph and weigh your items once they safely arrive with us, we will then send a confirmation email to you. It is crucial for you to confirm at this point you are happy to Recycle Your Jewellery. 
  4. We then send your items to become scrap metal to be melted down. The cost of posting your items to the Metal Melting Service will be deducted from your final voucher value.
  5. We will record the Trade Price for your specific items on the day they are melted down. This will be the value of your Auree Gift Voucher minus the cost of postage.
  6. You will receive your Auree Gift Voucher via email for you to spend on any piece of Auree jewellery.   



    • Auree Jewellery have no control over the Metal Trade Price which fluctuates and is globally set daily.
    • We can only recycle jewellery which does not contain diamonds or gemstones, but it can be mixed metals.
    • The cost to post your items to the Metal Melting Service will be deducted from the final Trade Price cost of your items. This cost will depend on the weight of the parcel sent.
    • Your Auree Gift Voucher will be valid for a 2 years from the date you receive it.
    • Once your items have left our office, we will be unable to stop the process, so it is crucial you confirm you are happy to go ahead.